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What is… Search Engine Optimization?

  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the strategy and implementation of strategy to help you appear higher in the search results that are relevant to your website. The #1 search engine today is Google, and it’s important to rank as high as possible in their search results. But how do you do that? It’s…

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What is. . . Social Media Marketing?

Social media. Some people love it and some people hate it. But the truth is, it works and it’s here to stay. I mean really, one day Facebook will probably rule the world. But until then, there’s lots to learn about social media marketing. Don’t Be Everywhere The first thing to remember is you don’t…

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What is… a Marketing Funnel?

Funnels. They are used to move something from a larger area to a more narrow, targeted area. According to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary, a funnel is a utensil designed to catch and direct a downward flow. The funnel is a great visual for what you want to happen with your leads. Starting out at the top…

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What Is… an Email List?

Spam. We all hate it. That useless email that’s just trying to sell us something and takes up our time to delete it (or unsubscribe from it). But not all email is bad. We receive tons of emails from businesses that provide great value to our lives and help us solve problems. That’s exactly the…

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