GoDaddy + SucuriI’ve been a long-time customer of GoDaddy. I bought my first domain with them in 2005 and built a Website Tonight site. It was my struggles with that platform that led me to WordPress, so thanks GD. I abandoned the old Linux hosting a while back in favor of others. WPEngine and Flywheel are my current go-tos. Still, I’ve been keeping my eye on GD’s Managed WordPress, for a while. I even put a site, or two, there for a time. I just could not ever feel secure there, though. WPEngine sold me on their security, with Sucuri baked-in. Flywheel just came so highly recommended, I couldn’t ignore them.
With the acquisition of ManageWP, I certainly took notice. With the purchase of Sucuri, I am going to say something I thought I would never say, “GoDaddy might get me back.” Security and customer service are the two deal breakers for me. With security taken care of, that only leaves service. Jeff King, SVP of Hosting and Security, was at a Rockstar Empires event I attended in early December, 2016. I told him about the issues I had as a GoDaddy Pro, with regards to the dedicated Pro line. GoDaddy has a program for web designers and developers that gives us tools for managing websites and client on-boarding. I’ve inherited quite a few GoDaddy customers in the last couple of years. Pros have a dedicated line that is supposed to get us priority support. I’ve experienced a mixed bag. Jeff said they have over 4000 customer service reps and it is a big job to get them retrained to the new higher standards. As they are getting trained, they are funneling them over to the dedicated Pro line, so that those of us who are working on behalf of our clients can do so more effectively. It looks like the customer service piece of the puzzle is only a matter of time.
Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. There is no one in the hosting business who is doing more for the WordPress community than GoDaddy. They are a constant presence at WordCamps and onboard more WordPress users daily than most hosts do in a year. With their sins of the past fading into the sunset, and these fresh new initiatives, I look forward to the day when I can confidently return to the fold. That day may be sooner, than later.

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