step out and choose a business coachYou are killing it in your business. But, something doesn’t feel quite right. You know it shouldn’t be this hard. Things are not coming together like you want them to, or you feel like you take two steps forward, one step back. You know you are doing well, but you know there is so much more your business can achieve. This is the perfect time to hire a business coach.

A great coach can help you take a step back and see your business through their eyes. They ask great questions and can help you clarify your goals and get rid of processes that are no longer working for you. They can break through bottlenecks and help you gain a greater vision of what your business life can be. A great coach can be a force multiplier for your business, which can improve all areas of your life. A great coach can do all these things. A lame coach can make all these things much worse.

How do you find a great business coach?

Determine Your Style: Do you want to meet in person? Do you want to have Skype or Zoom meetings, instead? What about a blend? Determining the way you want to work with someone will help you decide where to look for your new coach.

Flesh and Blood: Your business network is a great place to start. You know which of your business peers are performing at a high level. Ask them who their coach is, or if they’ve worked with anyone, in the past, that was really effective. You probably have some coaches in your local business community. Are they visible? Do they show up and participate in local community activities? Once you’ve established that they aren’t fly by night, find out who has worked with them (and what their experience was.) Invite your potential coach for coffee to get a feel for what kind of person they are.

Remote and Accessible: There are some great coaching programs that turn out some very well-rounded coaching professionals. You may chose a coach by their program, or find a coach you resonate with and make peace with their program. There are many great coaches who have never met their clients face to face. This works very well for busy professionals without a large local community.

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