So you brought in new leads at the top of the funnel. You’ve warmed them up and nurtured them through the middle of the funnel. Now you’ve got them to the bottom of the funnel and they are ready to buy. What now?

Well, it’s time to ask for the sale.

Bottom of Funnel Goals

Your primary goal at the bottom of the funnel is conversion. All of your content at this point should facilitate the conversion of your lead to a customer.

The best thing to do at the bottom of the funnel is to ask yourself, “What information does my lead need right now in order to make a decision?”

Bottom of Funnel Activities

There are lots of activities that you can use at this stage of the funnel that will help your lead make that purchase decision.  You can offer a demonstration of your product or a free trial. Maybe a webinar, event or mini class is the best format to answer these last minute questions. Some other highly effective resources include comparisons, customer stories & testimonials.

At this point you want to tailor your content to the buyer as much as possible. You know more about them right now than you ever have throughout the funnel. Use that knowledge to highly segment your audience.

Bottom of Funnel Steps

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does your lead need to know in order to buy your product or service?
  • Do they have information like pricing, comparisons, etc.
  • What questions did your current customers ask right before they bought? What got them to “sign on the dotted line?”

At the bottom of the funnel most of the questions are going to be more about logistics than emotion. You’ve already shown that you can solve their problem, now it’s about why your solution is the best.

If your buyer is going to have to get approvals from someone else in their company (or maybe from their spouse), make it easy for them to share the most important information. Think of easily digestible figures, one page overviews, or even infographics.

Remember, this is where you close the sale. You’ve worked really hard to get your lead to the bottom of the funnel. Now is the time to nudge them towards the purchase and welcome them into your family of customers!


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