WP Client

250x250-1WP Client is a WordPress plug-in that adds functionality for a secure client login portal to your site. It allows for file and photo sharing and secure payments. There are options for project management that allow you to streamline your relationship with your clients.

Let’s see how the features would work for a personal training business. Consider that the practice has three trainers and 60 clients.

Client Onboarding – Any administrator can add new clients to the portal. You can enable an option so that new clients can also add themselves, pending approval from the admin. With the project management option, the administrator can assign, or reassign, new clients to trainers.

File sharing – Trainers can log on and assign training plans to clients. The clients can log in and download their plans. After their training they can upload their journal for their trainer to review. Trainers can also share videos and any other type of file to help the client be successful.

Photo sharing – One thing personal training clients probably don’t want is their progress pictures on the practice’s homepage. Inside the portal, clients can share their photos with their trainers in a secure environment. These can be kept private between client and trainer, or shared with everyone else who is logged in.

Secure Payment – The practice can invoice the clients through the portal. When he, or she, logs in, they can view their invoice and make payment on the spot.

WP Client is a total customer management tool. With streamlined onboarding, bringing new clients into the system is so easy, they can even do it themselves. File and photo sharing allows you to take your client interactions to the next level. Invoices are easy to find and pay within the client portal. WP Client can turn your website into a place where you and your clients come together and get things done.

Check out WP Client at http://WP-Client.com


  1. Bobby Lopez on November 25, 2016 at 4:11 pm


    I have the WP Client installed on my site but I know it’s installed improperly AND I would like training on how to use it.

    • April on December 14, 2016 at 10:11 am

      Hi Bobby, I’ve contacted you directly.

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